Alterations Services

We ensure your garments get the perfect fit, advising you on the latest trends. We offer home and studio alterations services so you can come to us or we can go to you. The alterations and tailoring then take place in our spacious central London studio.


Home Fittings: We recommend that the fitting is done in a comfortable room, preferably with a full length mirror. Make the most of your fitting by preparing several garments. You can then get our fitter’s fashion advice on whether the garments are worth transforming.

Studio Fittings: Requesting a fitting in our studio does not oblige you to carry out any alterations services and there are no set time limits.


Our expertise includes both men and women’s designer clothes alterations. These include leather alterations, tailored suits, knitwear, evening dress alterations and fur. They also involve occasion-wear like couture wedding dresses alterations and mother of the bride dresses.


VIP fitting & alterations for red carpet and special event
Alterations can be completed as an express service only in few days.  
A dry-cleaning service is available.


Studio Fittings: 

Fittings in our studio are free of charge.

Home Visit:

Home visits are £60 when located in central London. For early mornings, evenings, Sundays and bank holidays, our visit fee is £100.

Home Fitting: 

A home fitting is £60/hour with a minimum of 30 minutes. For early mornings, evenings, Sundays and bank holidays, our fitting fee £80/hour.

Private Delivery: 

Garments can be delivered anywhere in central London. Fees vary according to the area.


Each garment is different with regards to fabric, finishing and number of layers. We recommend visiting us so that we can advise on the alterations required and provide an accurate price.

Some examples:
Shorten the hem of a dress: £60 to £90.
Shorten the hem of a wedding dress: £65 to £220.
Shorten the hem on trousers: £25 to £35.
Shorten the sleeves of a jacket: £60 to £100.
Working on the side seams: £40 to £115.

VAT included - prices vary with regards to fabric, finishing and number of layers.

The details of work and exact prices are stated on a docket which is approved and signed by the client. The client receives a copy for their records and a 50% deposit is taken. Please note that if garments are to be delivered, the full amount will be required on the day of the fitting.


For all your fittings and alteration needs please contact:

Studio 10, Deane House Studios, 27 Greenwood Place. London NW5 1LB

t: +44(0)20 7431 9993  m: +44(0)75 0672 4959