Alexander McQueen Waterfall Dress Alterations


Our homage to modern day classics in designer fashion begins with the Alexander McQueen waterfall dress alterations in our studio.

Alexander McQueen Waterfall Dress Alterations

In the past bespoke clothing was the best way for people to get a garment adjusted to their shape and taste. Now fashion designers create amazing garments that are reimagined season after season.

Ready-to-wear collections use clever fabrics to enhance the natural body shape. This has led people away from bespoke clothes.

By definition, however, ready-to-wear means it needs to fit as many body types as possible. That's where our couture alterations come in.

They're the best answer to keep what makes designer clothing special and create the best fit. Vintage clothing and repairs also make alterations ethical fashion in action.

In this time of fast fashion we at London Fitting Rooms see classic garments that never go out of style. This month we're celebrating the Alexander McQueen waterfall dress.

This staple of the British fashion house is seen in our studio time and again. Here's the many ways we have fitted them to their owners.

Alexander McQueen Dark Blue Dress

This year began with this dark blue Alexander McQueen waterfall dress in our studio. The elegance and shape prove why it's a favourite.

Alexander McQueen Red Dress

We also saw this famous garment in red. We shortened the hem at the front by three inches and the back by two inches. Very precise work to keep the asymmetrical shape and train in tact.

Alexander McQueen Wedding Dress

This particular Alexander McQueen gown came into our studio for bridal alterations. This involved creating the straps.

You can see support on the interior structure from an inserted corset with boning, nude mesh and padded bra. The bride wanted a little change in style so we made the straps with toiling fabrics called calico for the fitting (work in progress).

Then we will be matching the fabric to the dress. Et voila!

Alexander McQueen Blue Dress

The Alexander McQueen waterfall dress is 100% silk and this blue version has had the hem shortened and corset taken in. Then our workroom manager, Susanne, did a a quality check on the bustier corset.

Our Short Film

In fact, we love the Alexander McQueen waterfall dress so much that two featured in our short film. We used these wonderful Alexander McQueen gowns to showcase tailoring and movement.

To allow for the gymnastic skills of our artists we created very high slits in the lining in both the sides. The bottom layer is always narrower, otherwise it would be too voluminous. In fact, the top is 920 cm whereas the lining is 140 cm.

We adjusted the corset to the bust to allow for movement. Plus, shorter mesh corsets have great support without strain and are comfortable. Watch them in action.

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