AW17 Fashion Weeks Highlights


The AW17 fashion weeks with new developments in trends and the industry. See what the future of the fashion world holds.

AW17 Fashion Weeks Highlights

The fashion world, like everyone else, is being influenced by both globalisation and political turmoil. The way it's adapting could change the industry forever.

This can be seen in 'see now, buy now' and their depiction of women. The world is watching and so are we at London Fitting Rooms. Here's our AW17 fashion week highlights.

New York Fashion Week

Oscar de la Renta

(Images from Vogue)

The house has been in transition since the departure of Peter Copping with an in-house team taking the helm.This is the first collection from creative directors, Laura Kim and Fernando Garcia.

Both had worked for some time with the fashion house's namesake, Oscar de la Renta. They, however, left to pursue their Monse fashion line in the Copping years.

Unfortunately, technical difficulties marred some of their first show which began with their own collection. They then revealed a new youthful take on Oscar de la Renta.

Monse was all utilitarian deconstruction: shoulders were bared by open seams and legs were revealed from unfinished hems. Leather, velvet and vivid silks offered autumn/winter fare.

Then peplums, tailoring and ballerina dresses revealed the crowd-puller. Youthful vivacity in the colour palette continued to punctuate the collection. Yet, there was more monotone wearability, florals and luxurious detailing. 

The structure insinuated a work in progress, an unpicking of the past and move towards the future. Vivid, shiny and clashing where necessary.

Michael Kors

(Images from Vogue)

Tailoring a deceptive cape coat, with arm holes and sleeves, opened Michael Kors AW17. The muted tones of camel and grey leading the way.

Wrap-dresses and skirts created hourglass figures with knitwear, tweed and sequins signifying the season.Luxury came in metallics and fur, adding texture and drawing the eye.

Khaki, gold and burgundy crept in, adding variety to the runway. Whereas, leather and fringing took to the edginess up a notch.

Strong tailoring, glamour and sex-appeal were at the forefront in their many forms. The surprise addition of plus-size supermodel, Ashley Graham hit this message home.

London Fashion Week


(Images from Vogue)

In true Joseph style, too-big tailoring and over-sizing opened the show. This season, however, exercised constraint in increased wearability.

Fussy, vintage, upholstery prints, single colour slouchy outfits and shiny boxy coats were staples of the line. The expected quirks were more nuanced.

Camo coloured ensembles, trench coats and a sprinkling of colour made for a coherent and engaging turn.


(Images from Vogue)

Following the 'see now, buy now' movement of Burberry their latest show was titled 'September 2017'. They again offered both menswear and womenswear during London Fashion Week.

The beginning merged the iconic Burberry mac with a dress in white with a deep opening and large lapels. Skewed cuts in knitwear and asymmetrical lines were on the menu.

Layering in different directions, caped coats and elongated sleeves allowed each piece to be seen. Nautical stripes, indigo denim and argyle gave a sense of a selection at sea.

Roland Mouret

(Images from Vogue)

The first London Fashion Week show from the brand in quite some time before going to Paris marked 20 years of the label. The collection, as always, celebrated feminine shapes.

An array of loose and slashed hems allowed movement whilst the cutting created the curves of the silhouette. Meanwhile, shoulder revealing and velvet remained the trends of the day.

Another oh-so Roland Mouret collection with designs that will please his customers. Not to mention, shapes that will please the beholder.

Milan Fashion Week


(Images from Vogue)

Miuccia Prada is well-known for her love of making forgotten styles loveable. Heavy, furry fabrics and feather fringing were paraded in colour clashing wonderment and a smattering of hippy chic.

The start was an expected nod to the sixties and seventies in corduroy, shearling and a bikini top.

Fringed and beaded dresses were paired with fluffy head scarves. whilst, snow boots and contrasting prints added playful offsets.

Statement layering and outerwear had a zeal and gusto that packed a punch. The Prada woman, needless to say, is no shrinking violet.

Salvatore Ferragamo

(Images from Vogue)

Salvatore Ferragamo gave a glimpse into the not-so-distant future. This was seen through their use of fabric and minimal use of colour.

Slim-legged suit trousers, paper-bag skirts and slimming inserts of fabric on the waist of dresses propelled the band forward. Flapping capes, fur and knitwear, plus long leather gloves, upped the fall fashion saga.

It was the puffer dresses and gravity-defying heel-less shoes that intimated the timeline. A demure edict of what's to come.

Paris Fashion Week

Stella McCartney

(Images from Vogue)

A double-breasted blazer dress opened the Stella McCartney AW17 show continuing the tailoring theme of other fashion weeks. It's a return to form for the fashion designer who first showcased her sartorial skills during her Chloé  days.

Likewise, over-sized cuts, velvet and suede made this line perfectly on trend. Nipped-in waists balanced the heavy excess of fabric and turning it into form.

Whilst the equestrian prints and Queen quilting gave a nod to the British countryside. Finally lace over bullet bras offered a small nudge to the past which was updated in sheer, off-set fabric.

Louis Vuitton

(Images from Vogue)

A leather jacket led the way at Louis Vuitton AW17, celebrating the main-stay of the fashion house. Boxy jackets, silk dresses and A-line mini skirts followed.

The latest line made for the ideal transitional clothing for city dwellers everywhere. The vague distinction in seasonality proved the global appeal of the brand.

Slip dresses were layered over tops with lace detailing which are brave for autumn/winter. Whereas, fur came in skirts, capes and jackets as additional accent pieces. An all-weather range for globe-trotting women on the go.

Miu Miu

(Images from Vogue)

In complete contrast to the all-in Miu Miu SS17 beachwear range, it was full-on fur for AW17. A vivid orange and chocolate opening set the tone.

Fur hats, boots, collars, coats and cuffs came out in no less startling shades. Waterproofs, gloriously garish prints and loose lines saw the collection unfold.

Once again Miuccia Prada faced a time of political turmoil by standing out from the crowd. The delight in whimsy and extroversion was aplenty.

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(Main image from Elle UK)