Beaded Clothes Alterations


The beaded clothes alterations we're working on this season to give our clients the best fit. Here's the beaded evening dresses in our studio.

Beaded Clothes Alterations

Beautiful beaded clothes add glitz and glamour to any autumn/winter wardrobe. Here's the clothing alterations we've been working on so far.

Alexander McQueen Beaded Jumpsuit

This gorgeous Alexander McQueen beaded jumpsuit is definitively a must-have for the season to come. This design decorates so much of their clothing also seen on their belt in our studio.

The symmetrical use of sparkling bead-work and beautiful embroidery are the perfect mix of wit and luxury. It takes every item to the next level.

Oscar de la Renta Beaded Evening Dress

This dusty pink beaded gown from Oscar de la Renta adds texture to the delicate layer of fabric. The intricate mix of opaque and rose gold beads compliment the design perfectly.

Balmain Beaded Dress

This beautiful black velvet dress from Balmain has wonderful beading. The accompanying statement necklace is simply stunning.

We're lifting the shoulders, reshaping the back of the neck and shortening the sleeves and the hem. Then it will be ready for our client.

Temperley London Beaded Dress

This Temperley London silver beaded dress alterations involved moving the waist higher in order to give more ease for a mum-to-be. Now her baby bump can grow in style.

Etro Beaded Coat

Not sure what we like best about this Etro beaded coat, the colourful lining or the front embroideries. The topping of beads add that extra eye-catching dimension.

Dennis Basso Beaded Evening Gown

Floral patterns and sparkling outline intricately adorn this Dennis Basso beaded gown. The patterns sparkle and shine on this ethereal outfit.

Alexander McQueen Beaded Cape

We're lucky enough to have this gorgeous Alexander McQueen beaded cape in our studio. Not only do the beads decorate the cape but they turn the securing chain into jewellery.

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(Main image from Temperley London.)