Casual Winter Designer Dress Alterations


Our studio is working on some wonderful casual winter designer dress alterations. See the changes we make to give you the perfect fit.

Casual Winter Designer Dress Alterations

Nailing the perfect casual winter designer dress is a coup of the season. It's not, however, just about picking the perfect garment.

Our dress alterations give that added nip and tuck to make your designer dresses look like they were made just for you. Whilst, our tailoring and repairs makes your favourite piece last for another year.

See the beautiful casual winter designer dress alterations we've been doing so far.

Lanvin Dress

We took in the side seams through the armholes on this Lanvin thick jersey wool dress. Then we taken in the waist, tapered the hem and made sure the finishing was as original.

The pinafore dress is back in fashion and now ready for the winter season.

Dior Dress

We're working on removing a few bobbles from this pretty Dior pink wool bouclé dress. The woven fabric can be given a new lease of life with this one small change.

Balmain Dress

The first Balmain casual winter dress on our list is black velvet and we're lifting the waist to make it fit better. On an aside, just look at those statement buttons.

Alexander McQueen Dress

This Alexander McQueen dress is in our studio to have the side seams taken in into the armholes. We graduate the dress alterations from the armholes to nothing at the hips to keep smooth lines.

Talbot Runhof Dress

This knit and leather Talbot Runhof little black dress is in our studio to have the side seams taken in. The mix of fabrics makes it a classic of the season.

Alexander McQueen Dress

This Alexander McQueen pleated dress has a mixture of leather and mesh tulle. It came into London Fitting Rooms to have the zip changed.

Dior Dress

We're shortening the hem on this beautiful sequinned Dior winter party dress. We also kept the sequins, pattern and finish as original.

Alberta Ferretti Dress

We've been working with the thicker fabrics on this Alberta Ferretti winter LBD. We lifted the shoulders and reapplied the details around the neckline.

Elie Saab Dress

Our tailor, Jelena, is working on this gorgeous Elie Saab beaded dress. She is closing the neckline, finishing the inside stitch as original.

This has allowed for more modesty as per our client's taste and is now ready for the colder weather.

Miu Miu Dress

This is undoubtedly the it-dress of the season from Miu Miu. The ruffled overlay, pleats and beading have been seen on every fashionista worth their salt.

This casual winter dress came to us with a rip and is now as good as new. It's our little secret.

Alexander McQueen Dress

This elegant Alexander McQueen dress has been placed on the mannequin before we shorten the sleeves. We will shorten both the patterned top layer and the nude Georgette fabric beneath.

Balmain Dress

Our tailor, Tanya, is being hands-on with this fully-sequinned Balmain dress as she is shortening the sleeves. They are being reduced from both the shoulder and the cuff.

This approach allows the shape of the sleeve to match the arm at the elbows and biceps. It also lets us decrease the length that extra bit that our client needs.

Then we finish as original, matching up the sequins and leaving our work invisible.

Escada Dress

We took in the side seams on this Escada LBD and the centre back through the zip. We then lifted the shoulders and the waist.

These dress alterations have now matched this Escada ensemble to the proportions of our client to create the perfect fit.

Chanel Dress

The mix of colours and fabrics woven into this Chanel garment in our studio make it the perfect winter dress. Whereas, the long sleeves and thicker textures keep it casual.

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