London Fitting Rooms Short Film Teaser

Here at London Fitting Rooms we've teamed up with Warm Blooded Productions to bring you a beautiful short film. Find out what you can expect from its upcoming release.

London Fitting Rooms Short Film Teaser

Our all new website will be launched in the coming months. Oooh aah we hear you exclaim but that’s not all we have on offer.

We also have a very fitting cherry on this delicious cake of couture tailoring. We will be revealing a very special short film that demonstrates fashion in motion.

We just can’t wait to share the next stage in our online brand. So, we’re giving you a sneak peek at what’s to come.

We at London Fitting Rooms have teamed up with Warm Blooded Productions to celebrate the beauty of a great fit. The launch is still a little while away but until then here’s some key details to tease your imagination.

In 2014 the Commonwealth Games came to the UK and sportswear paraded down catwalks across the world. We too mix high fashion with human endurance.

Our new trailer exemplifies how the perfect cut allows for the best movement and highest levels of comfort. Plus sumptuous fabrics, human feats of gymnastics and the most flattering finish from yours truly.

We’ve shared our tailoring work that went into the Céline dress (left) from start to finish. This shows the detail that goes into our alterations which we’re sure you can appreciate.

The peach waterfall Alexander McQueen dress (right) also went under our professional treatment. It was originally created as an evening dress but here it has been adapted for our purposes.

Fortunately, the top chiffon layer comes in generous amounts yet the lining is a thicker silk. This is made narrower to maintain the lightness of the dress.

To allow for the amazing movements of our flexible artists we created very high slits in the lining in both the sides, front and back. It remained covered so it’s not see through and grants amazing flexibility.

Meanwhile, the bustier of these McQueen dresses totally behaved itself and stayed put thanks to our tailoring work. Which we’re sure every woman can appreciate.

We completed these looks with statement Les Glorieuses necklaces which perfectly juxtapose the flowing fabrics.

Womenswear wasn’t the only area to get attention for our foray into filming. We also tested the resistance of this Westwood suit.

Luckily, our alterations and repairs skills were at the ready as the crutch took the brunt of the strain. We repaired the area by taking in the crutch and letting out the side seams with the same amount.

As a result, the trousers don’t get too small and the repair is invisible not to mention very solid. Which, we’re sure you agree, was proved by our resident silver fox.

Clothing is made for movement and our all-new vignettes shows the precision and grace that comes with our tailoring services. It's now ready to be viewed below.

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(Thanks to photographer Paula Harrowing)