The Snakeskin Lanvin Blazer Story

The menswear real water snakeskin Lanvin blazer for spring/summer 2013 collection, is a masterpiece in finishing and workmanship. See the alterations and repairs that go into an item like this.

The Snakeskin Lanvin Blazer Story

The water snakeskin is surprisingly soft and flowing. The Jacket gets its structure from a strong nylon lining.
It is sealed by a tape which covers all the inside seams, giving it a beautiful finish from the inside, out. The edges are raw cut and top stitched by hand.
Working on leather requires patience and precision. It was a great challenge finding new solutions to alter this special garment.

These garment alterations were performed by Bozena, our specialist in leather and fur clothing. While this Lanvin blazer was definitely her favourite and most challenging piece of the month.
Our client’s request was to shorten the hem and the sleeves. In order to keep the hem’s round shape, Bozena created a pattern. She then top-stitched the new hem-line before cutting the extra fabric, making sure that the original shape is kept.
The sleeves were shortened from the shoulders. Like most menswear jackets, the water snakeskin Lanvin blazer has button details on the cuffs, with an opening vent.

Shortening the sleeves from the shoulders is a sure way to keep the original cuff detail. It requires strong tailoring skills and only experts in menswear tailoring with a highly trained eye can shorten it this way.
As you can see singer-songwriter, fashion designer and producer to the stars, Pharrell Williams (above) rocked this Lanvin blazer. Good choice!
By Susanne.
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(Main image from Pharrell Inspiration)