Cruise Collections and Resort Wear 2016-17


Highlights from the cruise collections and resort wear for 2016-2017 giving a glimpse into the fashion seasons to come.

Cruise Collections and Resort Wear 2016-17

Chanel Resort Wear 2016-17

On May 4 the Chanel fashion show for their resort wear 2016-17 took place on the streets of Havana, Cuba. The new collection perfectly captures the spirit of the city whilst staying true to the heritage of the brand.

The hemlines, palette, footwear and headwear are all symbols of this recently reachable city. The crumbling architecture and contrasting rainbow of bold vintage cars are reflected and revered in each hue.

The opening of striped trousers, Cuban hats and tiered skirts all reference the Hispanic roots of Havana. Whereas, the mix of masculine and feminine attire is oh-so Chanel.

Ankle-skimming tulle, distressed sumptuous suede and fraying effects with delicate feathers hint at luxury. Meanwhile, bike shorts, sequinned 'CC' berets and bolero sleeves ground the resort wear in its surroundings.

Watch the story behind the Chanel fashion show and their resort wear.

Louis Vuitton Cruise Collection 2017

The Louis Vuitton Cruise Collection 2017 on May 28 in the home of this year's Olympics, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The landed spaceship that is the MAC Niterói set the tone for futuristic cosmopolitan ensembles.

The fashion show begins by continuing on from the maxi, modernised sportswear meets eveningwear of 2016. Yet, the structured garments, slashes, cut-outs and angles of colour offer a renewed athletic edge.

Louis Vuitton leather is on offer in ample supply proving their active travellers will be ready for all weather. Watch highlights from the Louis Vuitton Cruise Collection 2017.

Dior Cruise 2017 Collection

The Dior Cruise 2017 collection sees the brand return to Blenheim Palace in Oxfordshire, England after more than 60 years. Their first show at the baroque mansion was in 1954. The second in 1958 then saw Yves Saint Laurent heading the house.

The fashion house's venerated namesake, Christian Dior was known as an Anglophile. The setting sees that tradition, as well as some British ones, being brought back to the fore.

Guests of the event were first treated to drinks at the Lady Dior Pub before boarding the Dior Express train to the venue. They then entered an exhibit of dresses from the original Dior fashion shows.

Nods were given to the location through tweeds, the coupling of oxblood and pale blue as well as pictorials of fox hunting. Otherwise, there were bulbous sleeves, peplum skirts and lots of layering. French fashion for the British market.

Watch the best of the Dior Cruise 2017 fashion show.

Gucci Pre-Fall 2016 Collection

The Gucci Pre-Fall 2016 fashion show on June 2 in Westminster Abbey, London, England. This second event establishes Britain as a hub of forward-thinking experimentation in the industry.

Gucci playfully mix the history of British fashion with their dress-up box approach seen for SS16. Bold colours enliven tartan, nods to military garb and knitwear.

Femininity and rebellion meet in vivid embroidery, tasselled evening dresses and A-line, pleated floral skirts with slits that flirt with immodesty.

It's a gorgeously garish lesson in power-clashing that's full of bright and brave whimsy. This is not a collection for retiring wall-flowers but for eccentric, forward-thinking fashionistas.

Watch the first look at the Gucci Pre-Fall 2016 fashion line.

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