Our Tailoring Work and This Céline Dress

See London Fitting Rooms in action with our tailoring work on this Céline dress. We show you step by step what goes into achieving this fabulous finish.

Our Tailoring Work and this Céline Dress

This Céline dress is from several seasons ago and we’re updating it through alterations and repairs. It’s a plain dress with beads and we can’t wait to get started.
Typically, this is a clothing alteration that we do with an in-between fitting to make sure the fit is perfect. On this occasion, we were pressed for time and did it in three days, without being able to see our client in between. Still, the results speak for themselves.

The Céline Dress

Here’s how the dress looked before our tailoring work. We begin with the all-important fitting. We want to understand the client and their needs in order to meet them.
In the case of this Céline dress, it was fitting well but too long and too wide. Therefore, we pinned it shorter and tapered it. That was the easy part.

Casualwear to Formalwear

The neckline was letting down the dress as it made it look more casual than eveningwear. To give it a twist, we added some fabric.
At this point we took a shirt we had and pinned it for a quick result we could show the client. We also added a cap sleeve to make sure the collar was blending in nicely.
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Tailoring Work on the Back

Originally we left the back open but it became clear that it would look much better if the fabric was covering. That’s when the original dress presented a problem.
This Céline dress has a zip at the centre back. As a result, covering from neckline to the top would make the garment impossible to put on.

The Solution

We covered the back with fabric but closed it with invisible poppers. This stopped the black zip from showing into the white or a white zip into the black.
Unfortunately they don’t do bi-coloured zips… yet. At least not that we know of.
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The Fabric

This fitting was done with the addition of a cotton men’s shirt. To keep the dress feminine we went with a silk crepe fabric which is more fluid with softer lines.
From the front and the back, you can see that the finish was right on point.

The Final Result

The final result of our tailoring work is feminine, on-trend and fabulous. Plus, you can now appreciate the attention to detail that clothing alterations entail.
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(Thanks to photographer Paula Harrowing)