J’adore This Season's Dior Skirt

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The Dior skirt is one of the highlights of this season. Designed by Raf Simons, we know this wonderful skirt very well in London Fitting Rooms and we can see why.

J’adore This Season's Dior Skirt

Raf Simons' first Dior ready-to-wear collection was shown in September 2013 and was punctuated in a full-skirted apex marking a new phase at Dior. Meanwhile, it nodded heavily and appreciatively to its iconic past. We, for some, couldn't be more in awe.
The peculiarity of this garment lays in its layers of printed satin duchesse and metallic silk which gives this garment the shimmering effect. In the length of the hem (so Dior) and the volume, given by the pleats at the waist and the characteristic of the metallic silk.
The black silk-cashmere knit top allowed this floral Dior skirt to work its magic down the runway and beyond.
That’s what we call a masterpiece! Fortunately, many agree with us. Now this piece is a popular garment among London Fitting Rooms’ clients.

(Image from Fashionbi)
Last July saw Raf Simons' first collection Christian Dior Couture and now he has wowed again by moulding the renowned past with his modern aesthetic, evolving the future of the brand.
For a designer known as an outsider, Raf Simons imbued the historical legacy from his first haute couture collection with the label. Few would have believed this union would be so celebrated.
It's clear from the cut to the prints to the many re-worked designs that Raf Simons is Dior through and through. Yet, this line, like his last, is a seductive tightrope of progression. We look forward to his future endeavours and hope he continues to bloom with Dior.

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