Winter Fashion Trends: Bead Embellishments

In our studio we see certain winter fashion trends year in and year out. One we’ve already seen plenty of is bead embellishments. Here's the beautiful garments that have come through our doors and have proved the rule.

Winter Fashion Trends: Bead Embellishments

This year has seen minimalism overtaken by maximalism on runways, in shop windows and now in our studio. The must-have winter fashion trends have filled our workroom and it’s all about bead embellishments.
Alongside being a product of maximalism, beads are perfect for the winter season. Yet, many people in the past shied away from beaded garments as they believe they require some complex up-keep.
Luckily, we’re here to repair attire as well as create the best fit for all our clients. This includes securing beads and tailoring clothing with bead embellishments.
Here are some of the beautiful items that show this fashion trend is in full force. These are the bead embellishments that have come through our doors.
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Michael Kors Blouse

We shortened this Michael Kors blouse that has delicately attached beads on lace. These add extra ornate detail to contrast the sheer sleeves. It also looks wonderful in action.

Michael Kors Dress

Then there’s this Michael Kors floral dress that has intricate bead embellishments. We only repaired the zip on this outfit but it certainly brightened up our studio.
This dress perfectly straddles the sometimes murky waters of smart-casual. The added details take it up a notch and not a step too far.

Holly Fulton Dress

This Holly Fulton dress is a romantic take on this fashion trend with the use of a sheer overlaying fabric. The pattern begins from the bottom and blooms into bead embellishments.
Again, these details both literally and figuratively make this dress stand out. The pattern continues beneath the beads, connecting them in an ornate pattern.
The outcome of this garment is two interconnected patterns that create a new level of adorned sophistication. Maximalism in action.

Jovani Dress

The Jovani fashion brand are fond of embellishments and this dress is no different. We fixed and secured the many beads, sequins and pellets on this garment that shows more is more.
The arrangement of the sparkling additions on this outfit transform a black dress into a glamorous garment.

Alexander McQueen Garments

Alexander McQueen have used crystal beading to create baroque bead embellishments. Likewise, these are the focal, transformative detail of the clothing.
To adjust the shoulder on this Alexander McQueen jacket (above), for example, the floral pattern needs to be separated. This heavily beaded garment also requires the beads to be unpicked.
The detail is a separate application so the clothing alterations then take place before being re-applied.

Harrods Window Display

(Image from Bridge Media)

If you needed any more proof, we recently were mesmerised by this Premium Vodka Harrods window display. The Grecian dress and its ornate beaded bodice look wonderfully magical.

Bead embellishments add more depth and intrigue to clothing. Whilst, any tailoring work concerns can be brought straight to us.

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(Main image from LookBooks)