Fashion Weeks AW16 Highlights


The fashion weeks AW16 see new developments and challenges for fashion houses. See the top highlights from our clients and beyond.

Fashion Weeks AW16 Highlights

The fashion world is arguably seeing its most poignant period of change inrecent years. The global market and online shopping are calling for more flexibility in retail and design.

The fashion seasons are being called in to question as "see now, buy now" is being brought to the table. Whilst, brands scramble to offer more variety and individuality.

Fashion houses are caught balancing between mass appeal wearability and eccentric it-items. It's no wonder that buzzwords like eclectic and idiosyncratic are on everyone's lips.

This year is set to see these developments push the industry in new and exciting directions. Here's our fashion weeks AW16 highlights.

New York Fashion Week

Oscar de la Renta

(Images from Vogue)

Oscar de la Renta AW16 began with its eye on the waist with A-line and tulip skirts and dresses leading the charge. Silhouettes were sculpted from the middle before flourishing outward.

Floral patterns, sheer lace, detachable fur collars and exaggerated bows softened the cinched bustiers. Though, it was the accents of colour and use of metallics that stole the show.

The added shine cooled the pops of fuschia and played with movement in the gowns. An exquisite line which proves Peter Copping is well-suited at the helm.

Michael Kors

(Images from Vogue)

Michael Kors aimed for individual style in their AW16 fashion show, according to Vogue. Quite a lofty target for a brand with such a mass appeal. Yet, somehow it felt like the Michael Kors uniform had been created.

The preppy shirt, jumper, skirt, coat combo was seen en masse with the details adding contemporary luxury. There were just-too-long sleeves, minute prints, button lined jumper cuffs, elongated pussy-bows and fur trims galore.

There was also endless covetable little black dresses but it was the metallics (again), sequins and feathers that won hearts. The added glitz and sparkle were a reminder that this is an aspirational brand.

London Fashion Week


(Images from Vogue)

Another brand "celebrating individuality" was Joseph AW16 that split opinions with their change in direction. Minimalism was out with the dress-up box being tagged in.

Knitwear, askew corsets, misplaced and misshaped buttons and worn leather defined the line. Stray threads finished the undone motif.

The U-turn in style almost distracted from how many key pieces can be cherry-picked from this eccentric collection. Eighties is the returning decade and there's plenty of tailoring to nail the trend.


(Images from Vogue)

Just when you thought the seventies were gone they come back swinging. Glam rock met military at Burberry AW16.

It's no surprise that Burberry showcased an array of outerwear with plaid, fur and shearling all making an appearance. Whilst, the sober colour scheme was brought to life in sequins, lamé and sparkles. There's also plenty more reasons this collection is making headlines.

Alongside Michael Kors, Burberry are moving towards see-now, buy-now. Select items are already available online and in-store. The fashion industry is changing and this British brand is at the forefront.

Milan Fashion Week


(Images from Vogue)

An early frontrunner of the fashion weeks AW16 was Prada with their multitude of references married in to an meticulous mosaic. Each outfit was made up of a rich tapestery of working parts.

“[It’s all] put together by this idea of the vagabond,” Miuccia Prada told Elle. This was seen in golden brocade embroidery, weatherproof jackets and corset belts.

Nautical sailor hats and bibs, scrunched long gloves, argyle tights and dangling trinkets complimented each ensembles. Somehow. A sombre, practical and opulent affair that was amazingly streamlined into making sense.

Salvatore Ferragamo

(Images from Vogue)

Salvatore Ferragamo AW16 provided a savvy, mature range with vibrant colour contrasts. It was all about chic wearability.

Lines were drawn beginning with layering. A crop-top turtle-neck buttoned to three quarter-length sleeves, buttoned to full-length sleeves began the show. Then pleats, stripes, zig-zags and houndstooth followed.

It was the spaghetti-strap silk dresses, however, that made for must-have items. All the same, the line will please nine to fivers no end.

Paris Fashion Week


(Images from Vogue)

The AW16 fashion trend of underwear as outerwear continued at Balmain which showcased an array of elongated corsets. Suede, fluffy fur and silk means this lingerie was meant to be seen.

Whereas, the trouser ruffles seen at Balmain SS16 migrated to the side seams adding contrasting movement to the fixed torsos. Likewise, tassels adorned on dresses swayed down the runway.

The powder blue, peachy pink, mint green and dove grey highlighted velvet, sheer stripes, brocade and cashmere for a sumptuous collection. Top with the skin tight leggings and thigh-high boots and it's suped-up sexiness for another season.

Roland Mouret

(Images from Vogue)

The rock 'n' roll vibes of Roland Mouret AW16 cited muses Stevie Nicks and Kate Bush and there was plenty of velvet to pull it off.

Deep reds were punctuated with green and blue but it was a mostly melancholic mood. Sumptuous fabrics contrasted with embroidered lace and honeycomb patterns.

Following the rainbow of the Roland Mouret SS16 Galaxy Ten capsule collection the contrast was palpable. Yet, the line remained sensational in its simplicity.

Stella McCartney

(Images from Vogue)

Stella McCartney continue to walk their own path in design and through their ethical fashion. Fur free fur was once again a highlight on the runway.

The streetwear trend also played through with over-sized puffer jackets and quilted crops making headway. Femininity fans weren't disappointed either.

There was the stunning slip dress oozing 20s glamour and high-waisted swan-print silk trousers were further favourites. A languorous collection with plenty of finesse.

Louis Vuitton

(Images from Vogue)

Louis Vuitton AW16 continued their celebration of rebellious youth with tough, punk sportswear. This was a collection with attitude.

Cropped shiny trousers met leather biker jackets whereas slip dresses returned for another season cinched in leather harnesses. Belt and chain scarf prints were also reborn on silk dresses paired with long leather gloves.

Waistlines were further sculpted with corsetry whilst exposed zips added an urban edge. This line was meant to be worn with a strut.

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