Fendi Feather Dress Alterations


We look at the history of Fendi and the feather dress alterations in our studio which have become one of the most popular designer garments.

Fendi Feather Dress

Italian fashion house, Fendi was founded in 1925 in Rome as a fur and leather shop. In the 1940s the brand was passed to the next generation with five Fendi daughters at the helm.

Then in 1965 famed fashion designer, Karl Lagerfeld joined the team as the Creative Director for Fur. He also led the way for the women's ready-to-wear collections which launched in 1977.

They were the first high fashion clothing brand to showcase a season's line with a short film. Something that's now expected from every brand.

In 2001 the third generation of the Fendi family added accessories and the men's line. Whilst 2001 saw Fendi become a member of LVMH.

On the 19th of October 2007 Fendi made history again with a fashion show on the Great Wall of China. It featured 88 models on an 88 metre runway. This alone showed how far they had come and how much they had grown.

Fendi is now a multinational company and last year launched its first haute fourrure (fur) fashion line. Both that show and the ready-to-wear collections were also all feathers.

The heritage of this brand is one of texture and pushing boundaries. The addition of feather dresses created multiple it-outfits and must-haves.

Mixing feathered dresses with fur trims and leather belts never looked so good. Learn more about the history of the brand as they celebrate 50 years with Karl Lagerfeld. This is the longest collaboration between any fashion house and designer and for that we applaud them.

Clothing Alterations

At London Fitting Rooms we specialise in couture alterations and work with a variety of materials. Our tailors are well-versed in leather work, feathers and fur alike.

We also celebrate contemporary elegance with staying power and the Fendi feather dress is sure to be just that. Here's some of the clothing alterations where we've worked with these wonderful materials.

Black Feather Dress

The most recent Fendi feather dress in our studio was this beaded gown. The feathers are beautifully wrapped around floral beading.

We took in the centre back, shortened the length from the waist and shortened the lining. Now it's ready for our client.

Blue Feather Dress

This short feather dress from Fendi was a highlight of our clothing alterations last year. The gradation in colours, fur-trim neckline and quirky embellishments were a delight to work with.

We shortened the dress and lifted the waist before our quality check and delivering it to our client..

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