How Should Trousers Fit


We answer how should trousers fit, including how suit trousers should fit and how our tailoring work can give you the perfect fit.

How Should Trousers Fit

There are several variables everyone should know about how trousers should fit. This allows for more comfort, ease of movement and looks better.

Here's what you need to know to answer: how should trousers fit?


There are three different types of rise to look for when buying trousers. Low-rise trousers sit a few inches below the bellybutton and on or below the hips.

There's mid-rise trousers which are still below the bellybutton but on or above the hips. Then high-rise trousers sit on the bellybutton, at the waist.

Generally jeans are more popular as a low-rise whilst casual trousers suit a mid-rise. Whereas, a high-rise waistband is often used for suit trousers and dress trousers.

It's important, however, to try on different styles to see which suits your frame and feels the most comfortable.


A break is the crease at the bottom of the trouser leg from where the trousers meet the shoes. There are four types of breaks: full breaks, half or medium breaks, quarter or slight breaks and no break.

The narrower the trousers the less break because a tight fit can't place itself around the foot.

The amount of break is again down to personal taste but the most common is the medium break. Trying different styles is key to finding a flattering cut.

General Fit

The most common trouser alterations and tailoring are shortening the length. Therefore, it's better to buy trousers slightly longer rather than shorter.

Plus, the wider the leg, the longer the trousers should be to achieve the best fit. Always.

Trousers should not pull, gather or "smile" around the hips or pockets. This is a clear sign that they are too tight.

No trousers should be bought needing a belt unless you plan to have them tailored. A good test is two fingers inside the waistband.

Although, it's recommended that you purchase denim and leather that's slightly more snug as they will stretch.

Our Tailoring Work

See the tailoring work we've been doing on trousers so far this season.

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