How to Choose a Wedding Dress

The Ian Stuart bridal workshop answered: how to choose a wedding dress? Here's the top tips for wedding dress shopping.

How to Choose a Wedding Dress

Thinking about how to choose a wedding dress can be a daunting task. You may not know where to start.

Luckily, wedding dress designer, Ian Stuart, has all the answers and more. Here's the top tips from his talk on how to choose a wedding dress.

1 - Wedding Dress Scrapbook

Before you begin bridal gown shopping it's a good idea to figure out what you like and what you don't like. You can do this through a wedding dress scrapbook. Plus, it's a good idea to sign-up to Pinterest ASAP.

A wedding dress scrapbook will help you see trends in the type of bridal gowns you like. You can also take it wedding dress shopping to offer a clear picture of what you're looking for.

2 - Wedding Dress Shopping Appointment

Weekends are the easiest time to fit everyone's schedules which makes them the busiest time in bridal boutiques. It's best to book a weekday off to give yourself more flexibility.

You also need to factor in the four to six months it takes for a wedding dress to be made. Custom bridal alterations can push this up to eight to ten months.

It all depends on how many wedding dress alterations you want but it's best to give yourself that extra time. You may find the perfect bridal gown but want added sleeves, for example.

If you don't leave the required amount of time you can get express orders but these incur rush fees. As a result, ample planning can save money.

3 - Wedding Dress Samples

When you're bridal gown shopping you will be trying on wedding dress samples. Therefore, it's a good idea to avoid fake tan prior to wedding dress shopping.

Bridal boutiques can charge if the dress is damaged or stained because other customers need to try them on.

4 - What Do You Wear to Try on Wedding Dresses

When you're bridal dress shopping you should wear similar shoes and underwear to what you'll wear on the big day.

Judge the length of the wedding dress and how it will hang by finding a similar heel height. Plus, nude underwear and a strapless bra will hide your undergarments for most dresses.

When it comes to your wedding dress fitting, however, you should have the shoes and undergarments with you. This will save time and money on bridal alterations at a later date.

5 - Bridal Hair for Wedding Dress Shopping

Having an updo hairstyle allows you to see the neckline of the dress more clearly. This is regardless of how you will have your hair on the big day.

6 - Who to Bring Wedding Dress Shopping

When you start wedding gown shopping bring two to four people for the first session. Then when you've narrowed down your options to about three dresses you can include more people.

This can include the mother of the bride, the mother of the groom, bridesmaids and friends. That way you don't get confused by too many opinions or waste too much time. You're in control of the final decision.

It can also save time to consider other accessories like jackets or veils. This diagram from Buzzfeed shows the different veil lengths available.


7 - Wedding Dress Price Range

It's important to know your wedding dress price range and to let the bridal boutique know. That way they can choose the designers you can afford.

This saves time, money and a lot of heartache as you won't fall in love with a dress that you won't be able to buy.

8 - Types of Wedding Dresses

The way to find wedding dresses for body type is try on one of every style. You can, however, see a good rule of thumb from Buzzfeed below.

This way you can find out which wedding dress styles you like and which suit your shape. This may include princess wedding dresses, ball gowns, mermaid dresses, fitted and flared, column, A-line and empire line.

Finding your body shape will cut down on the amount of time spent in the long run and get the best fitting bridal gown.


9 - Bridal Boutique Shopping Tips

The key to bridal boutique appointments is to be honest. You guide the wedding gown shopping. Don't feel pushed into a certain bridal dress or a certain wedding dress type.

Speaking your mind will lead you to bridal dresses you like, that suit you and eventually your final choice.

10 - How Many Wedding Dresses Is Too Many

It may be a cliché but it is true: you know when you've found the one. If you don't know then you probably haven't found it yet or you're overwhelmed with options.

There is such a thing as trying on too many wedding dresses. At a certain point you need to walk away and sleep on it.

11 - Wedding Dress Diet and Exercise

Wedding dress diets and exercise are designed so your body will change. Significant developments can mean that the bridal gown no longer fits.

Be aware that more wedding dress alterations can be needed if you change your size. Therefore, more time and money can be needed down the line.

12 - Wedding Dress to Eveningwear

There are lots of different bridal alterations which can be made. The most popular is a bustle.

The bustle allows for the train of the wedding dress to be lifted and secured at the back. This allows for more movement when you hit the dancefloor.

We'd like to say a big thank you to Ian Stuart. Watch him showcase the changes that can be made during bridal dress alterations. He also shares some of the latest Ian Stuart wedding dresses.

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