How to Repair Knitwear and Woollen Clothing

Here's all you need to know about how to repair knitwear clothing including removing bobbles to keep it looking brand new year after year.

How to Repair Knitwear and Woollen Clothing

Our London Fitting Rooms team know how to repair knitwear whether it's cashmere repair, mending wool, moth holes in clothes or removing bobbles. We'll help your favourite winter fashion last for another year.

There's two different key techniques we use for knitwear repairs. These are the knitting technique and the mending technique.

Knitted fabric is made from interconnected loops which we recreate if there's a hole. This is done by hand with added help from a special needle.

We recreate the loops in knitwear with the yarn that matches the garment in colour, fibre and texture. Ideally we use yarn from the hidden area like in the hem or seam allowance. The final work remains invisible thanks to this technique and our experience.

When it comes to the mending technique a good rule of thumb is: the thicker the wool, the best the final result.

Using a needle we pull one edge close to the other by following the perpendicular threads of the wool. The final work remains almost invisible depending on the size of the wool and the thickness of the wool.

Cashmere Sweater Repair

Cashmere can be either knitted or woven and according to the style we will use the knitting technique or mending technique. Plus, our professional experience has taught out how to work with delicate fabrics.

Moth Holes in Clothes

Spring cleaning may include packing away your winter wardrobe and this is when your garments could be at risk. There's moth-proofing for clothing but moth holes in clothes can be repaired or replaced with a panel.

Once again we use the knitting technique knitwear clothing repairs. Otherwise, we use the mending technique for woven fabrics.

Thin wool may not be easily fixed but a panel can be replaced using matching fabric. This type of clothing is often created with a knitting machine. We, however, receive the fabric in a roll which we can cut to shape and sew.

How to Remove Bobbles

Bobbles are a tell-tale sign of wear and tear when it comes knitwear but can easily be fixed. The safest way to remove bobbles from knitwear is to use a bobble and pilling fabric shaver.

We begin by laying the garment on a flat surface then gently shave it in circular movements.

It's important to start with the lightest contact possible. Then we slowly increase the pressure if necessary.

Once we have accumulated a pile of pilling we use a tape to remove it from the fabric. The garment then looks as good as new.

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