Three Questions to Rolf Lorenz

We ask three questions to London based artist, Rolf Lorenz. In the first part of our interview series with creative individuals, Lorenz shares his secrets to a life led in pursuit of art and inspiration.

Three Questions to Rolf Lorenz

Painter, interior designer and photographer, Rolf Lorenz began his life in Singapore. His seemingly boundless creative journey took him to London before moving on to California.
After studying film and photography, his new career took him from the West Coast of America to the rest of the world. He moved from Bali to Paris, back to Singapore and then to Malaysia.
There he settled to work for three years for the King and Queen in the Johor area. He was hired to photograph everything in their palace in order to publish a book on their years of government.
Moving back to London, Rolf Lorenz switched it up again with a stint in documentary filming before moving to commercial photography. He then found success in model portraits for magazines.
This influenced his first paintings which were very figurative. He now works mainly as a painter alongside interior design work in the capital.
We at London Fitting Rooms find his journey of creativity a fascinating and inspiring tale. We first met Rolf Lorenz when he was our neighbour for six years.
To enjoy more paintings by Lorenz see his blog and here are our three questions to this prolific artist.

1.) As a painter you must have creativity in your blood but which moment in your life made you choose this profession?

I grew up in a very creative environment. My father is an interior designer and furniture designer. We used to live in a big house with all this creative furniture. He inspired me a lot.

2.) What’s the most successful event in your career?

I had many successful moments in my career. One very impressive period in my life was, for sure, working for the King and Queen in Malaysia.
Working as a photographer in London with little money and not really successful, to moving to Malaysia and working on this big project was just unbelievable.

3.) Where do you get your inspiration from?

I travel a lot. I love Mexico and go there for inspiration. I’m inspired by colours, cultures and also spirituality, even if I’m not a religious person.

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(Images from Rolf Lorenz)