Autumn Fashion Trends: Jacket Alterations


Now is the time for jacket alterations and they are in full swing in our studio. See the tailoring work we've been doing to achieve the perfect fit.

Autumn Fashion Trends: Jacket Alterations

The new season means more layers and heavier fabrics for every wardrobe. Whether, this involves investing in new garments or reviving old favourites, tailoring and alterations can go a long way.

See the jacket alterations we've been performing to create the perfect fit for our clients in 2015.

Balenciaga Leather Jacket

This Balenciaga leather jacket arrived in our studio to have the sleeves shortened. To maintain the shape and movement of the sleeves, we split the alterations between the shoulder and the cuff.

Alexander McQueen Jacket

It's jackets like this wool mixed Alexander McQueen ensemble that have had us looking forward to AW15 fashion trends. We took in the back seams, tapered the sleeves and shortened them.

Despite the different fabrics and patterns, we always try to keep the finish as original by finding different ways to complete alterations. In this case, we shortened a bit from the black wool fabric and some from the printed cuffs fabric.

Roland Mouret Jacket

This elegant white Roland Mouret jacket came in to our studio to have the sleeves shortened. In order to avoid reducing the biceps area by shortening from the shoulders, we shortened from the cuffs reapplying all details (cuffs and vents) as original.

Alexander McQueen Blazer

The second Alexander McQueen jacket to make our list is all about the beadwork detailing on the collar. To keep features like this in tact, our tailors can secure beading season after season.

Balenciaga Jacket

Likewise this second Balenciaga jacket has been in our studio to have its sleeves shortened from the cuff. Now its loose fit can be in proportion to our client.

Roland Mouret Skirt and Jacket

This classy, matching Roland Mouret jacket and skirt is a masterclass in complimenting fabrics and patterns. The jacket alterations saw us take-in the back excess and shorten the sleeves.

Whereas, the skirt was shortened and the lining was released. This now allows for more movement and an all round better fit.

Alexander McQueen Jacket

We've also been working on this Alexander McQueen black jacket. We have shortened the sleeves, lifted the waist and moved buttons and poppers. This keeps the fastenings in proportion to the jacket's shape and new length.

Dsquared2 Blazer

Military can be trendy, especially when it's this Dsquared2 jacket that was brought to us to have its side seams taken in. These jacket alterations require attention to the pattern and the lining.

When it comes to suit tailoring, fit is King. This Dsquared2 jacket is now ready to be worn in style.

Dior Bomber Jacket Dress


At the beginning of this year this Dior bomber jacket dress was a favourite amongst celebrities and Dior fans alike. This show stopper came to us to be checked. Now it's ready for the spotlight.

Louis Vuitton Tuxedo

The lapels on this Louis Vuitton tuxedo suit jacket needed to be changed to black satin fabric according to our client's taste. This wonderful print will now pop even more with the mix of fabrics.

Issey Miyake Jacket


This Issey Miyake needed the sides taken in but we want to keep the Japanese loose style. The pinning shows the precise work of tailors to maintain this finish.

Dolce and Gabbana Jacket


This Dolce and Gabbana jacket needed the shoulders narrowed. It also shows that floral prints can work on all types of garments.

Dsquared2 Jacket

We've also been taking in the waist of this polka dot Dsquared2 jacket. Downsizing allows for people to wear garments rather than let the clothing wear them.

Dior Jacket

This super, blue men's Dior jacket was taken in from the back and from the sleeves. The sleeves were also shortened. 

Due to the looseness of the sleeves, we can shorten the total amount from the shoulders without touching the zip at the cuff area. Now it's ready to be worn in comfort.

Louis Vuitton Blazers

We shortened the sleeves on these stylish Louis Vuitton blazers. These fashionable jackets now match in size to each other and their owner. Why have one good fitting blazer when you can have two?

Alexander McQueen Jacket

This Alexander McQueen jacket needed to be taken in but in order to have all the pleats exactly matching they had to be moved around one by one. This is again precise work that keeps the finish as original.

Dolce and Gabbana Jacket

One of our tailors, Ela, is shortening the sleeves on this Dolce and Gabbana jacket without cutting any of the embroidery. The beautiful design is kept in tact and the garment sits better on our client.

Alexander McQueen Jacket Dress


We shortened the sleeves and squared the back of the neck on this Alexander McQueen jacket dress. Now it sits better on our client's frame.

Stella McCartney Suit


Suits aren't just for men as we shortened the sleeves on this pale pink Stella McCartney jacket. We also shortened the trousers.

Louis Vuitton Puffer Jacket


We changed the zip on this Louis Vuitton puffer jacket with a matching replacement. A simple swap that can make all the difference.

Louis Vuitton Blazer


The final steaming of this Louis Vuitton jacket where we shortened the sleeves. This last touch means the garment is immediately ready to wear.

Lanvin Jacket

We shortened the sleeves on this Lanvin jacket with beautiful pocket details on the sleeves. This is our most popular tailoring technique and keeps these cuffs at the wrists where they belong.

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