Kids Designer Clothing Alterations


This season we've been working on kids designer clothing alterations and repairs. See the difference our tailoring can make.

Kids Designer Clothing Alterations

Kids designer clothing is only growing in popularity. As a result, our work is more in demand than ever.

Our tailoring and alterations give the perfect fit for growing boys and girls. Whereas, we make the garments look as good as new with clothing repairs in time for the holiday season.

These changes help your favourite items last that bit longer for fashionable boys and girls. See some of the kids designer clothing alterations we've been doing this season.

Dior Dress

We re-stitched the hem of this adorable baby Dior dress. The structuring and floral dress embellishments are darling.

Stella McCartney Jumper

This Stella McCartney Kids cute bunny jumper is in our studio to have some holes fixed. It's now as good as new.

Dennis Basso Coats


These two children's chinchilla coats from Dennis Basso Kids are in our studio to have hooks added. A handy coat alteration that can go a long way.

Disney Princess Dress

We added panels to this Disney princess kids' dress to make it bigger. Kids are growing fast.

Mischka Aoki Dress

We received the cutest baby dress from Mischka Aoki in our studio. We have to take-in the side seams and take-in the sleeves.

Dior Dress

We've been fixing the zip on this pale pink Dior dress and now it's ready. The perfect stylish kids clothing.

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