Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week SS16


Our Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week SS16 highlights from our clients, favourite looks and the amazing details seen this week.

Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week SS16

Following the men's fashion weeks there was hardly a beat before Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week SS16. Then it was about all-out femininity.

Haute couture fashion is about the fabulous fabrics and handmade details that most of us can only dream of. This coming season is no different. Here's our highlights of Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week SS16.


(Images from Vogue)

This is the first Dior couture show since the departure of Raf Simons in October last year with no replacement named as of yet. Suspense has been built with months of speculation about the future of the house.

All eyes were on this line which delivered on intricate embellishments and finer details. Yet, there was and added wearability.

The outfits were seen somewhat off-kilter with necklines spilling off shoulders. There's also an ample offering of jackets and panels of fabric mixed prints on mini-skirts.

This was a collection that was less about the big ideas and more about the woman. Show notes said, “Dior woman asserts herself by wearing clothes in a new way. It’s her attitude, her way of moving, her way of simply being,” according to Vogue.

Rumours continue about Simons' replacement with Sarah Burton of Alexander McQueen as the latest name thrown around. Whoever the baton is passed to the pressure is mounting.

Take a closer look at the fashion details or the best of from Dior here.


(Images from Vogue)

The theme of Chanel's typically ostentatious fashion show was eco-couture with another wonderful re-imagining of reality. The centre-piece was a three-tier wooden doll house surrounded by a beautiful garden. The walls then repealed to reveal the collection in its entirety.

The homage to nature was seen in the finer details of this couture line with insects and birds adorning most outfits. Plus there were natural materials woven into the garments.

Karl Lagerfeld said, “I liked the idea to take ecology one step further and to make a high fashion, very elegant and very luxurious version of it. To do beautiful embroidery in wood, straw and things like this.”

The fashion designer is also known for re-imagining the past of the fashion house. This season saw a focus on the Chanel suit and the colour scheme.

He said, “In the 20s Chanel was called the 'Queen of the Beige' and I'd never done a beige collection like this.” The muted palette and earthy tones mixed perfectly with the motif.

The midi-length skirt was out in force whilst tweed jackets were given a new twist with voluminous upper arms. There was intricate embroidery and sequins as only haute couture can. Yet, the sparkling rhinestone capes were a sure highlight.

Haute couture is slow fashion making it the perfect starting point for sustainability. Meanwhile, the nods to the brand's heritage add a timeless note. It's all about investment in fashion and the future. Pushing forward with a loving look at the past.

Watch the full show or see the full story behind the collection here.


(Images from Elle)

As the Paris Haute Couture Week began to wind down the goddesses of Valentino wafted in with a beautiful swan song. The 66 dresses were exquisitely enchanting from start to finish.

Opaque tulle and organza were a grown up fairytale cloaked in kimono coats and crowned with snaking gold. Embroidered patchwork, plunging backs and gold netting completed the collection.

The opulent line managed to be all couture all the time without a ball gown in sight. The rich colours and intricate work wrought will be remembered as a highlight of the season.

Watch the full Valentino couture show here.

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(Main image from Chanel)