Roland Mouret London Selfridges and Us


We attended the Roland Mouret London talk on The Art of Draping this week at Selfridges. Watch our videos as he created his famous dresses live for the audience.

Roland Mouret London Selfridges and Us

This month it was announced that Roland Mouret would be featured in the newest London Fashion Week according to Fashion Times. The event this June will show resort and cruise collections for the first time.

The fashion house is also one of our clients and we are delighted every time we have to work on their gorgeous garments. This includes our work with stylists that has been seen on the red carpet and even bridal alterations.

This week we also saw Roland Mouret himself in the capital to take over Selfridges London both physically and virtually. He began by guest hosting their Instagram.

Then on Tuesday (19 May) he gave a talk called The Art of Draping in-store for an intimate audience. The event was also streamed on called Draping Live.

To tease and promote the upcoming event this video showed the short journey from Roland Mouret Mayfair atelier to Selfridges London.

Roland Mouret at Selfridges London

Fortunately, our wonderful Fitter, Elise, and our Client Manager, Charlotte, were there on the day to capture the talk. They even got to meet this gifted and generous man afterwards.

Both of our London Fitting Rooms team were thrilled to attend Draping Live and were amazed by the performance. No exaggeration, just truth.

The first of our video series from The Art of Draping sees Roland Mouret re-creating one of his iconic dresses live. He says, “I never try the fabric, the fabric tries me.”

In the second video you can really see how fast he works. He said, “A dress should never be finished until a woman wears it because the skin of a woman is the final element that finishes your dress.”

“It’s quite fantastic, that movement when fabric follows the female form and starts to wrap around. It’s quite a unique pleasure to see how it comes around and it shapes”

Roland Mouret was then asked a question about the size of the dress by an audience member and he answered brilliantly.

He said, “If I could change something in fashion I would change measurement. I think, we should stop having numbers, we should give a name of a famous body to dresses. 

“I think that is the best thing we could do. The Marilyn shape; size Audrey Hepburn. Things that make women happy and not numbers. They don't like numbers.”

In our final video Roland Mouret talks about the reactions of men to his womenswear. He also added, “I'll never do a dress to please myself. There is a moment, the dress has to finish in a wardrobe. At that point I don’t own it. Someone else owns it and it has to do the job”

It was an honour to attend this Roland Mouret London event and we look forward to seeing more of this amazing fashion designer in London.

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