The Top Dos and Don’ts of Royal Ascot Fashion

The Royal Ascot is a highlight of the season and kicks off the summer in style. For both men and women, however, there is a Royal Ascot dress code.

The Top Dos and Don'ts of Royal Ascot Fashion 2014

To help you comply with the rules whilst wowing onlookers, we've got the dos and don'ts of Royal Ascot fashion for ladies in 2014. Plus, the perfect parameters you can use for every chic summer soiree.

Don't - Bare Your Midriff

Belly-baring tops might be all the rage for the young and fabulous but this is strictly against the rules. Not to mention, somewhat impractical when braving the unpredictable British summer, trust us.

Do - Go Mid-season

There's clouds, wind, sunshine and showers to contend with every June so dressing in mid-season attire can help you be ready for all weather conditions. Now is the time to reveal those pre-AW14 garments that will make you a frontrunner and stand out from the crowd.

Don't - Fascinators

Headwear is a must at the Royal Ascot but headpieces must also have a base of minimum four inches (10cm) if you’re heading for the Royal Enclosure. For anyone who has been to an outdoor wedding, they will know this for the blessing that it is.
Having a fascinator flapping in the wind is not an attractive look. Never mind, attempting to greet acquaintances with your headpiece poking them and you in the eye. Avoid at all costs.

Do - Knee-Length

Hem lines must reach at least the knee again for the Royal Enclosure but we say dress for the seats you want because this is good news. Hourglass ladies can complement their curves with pencil skirts whereas an understated A-line flatters any figure.
Note, however, that trousers must be full length and suits be of matching fabric. Shorts are a no-go for any day at the races.

Don't - Strapless

Again, strapless outfits are not permitted and neither are spaghetti straps or halter necks. The formal daywear dress code is defined as straps with a minimum of one inch width. A little modesty is sure to go a long way for this event.

Do - Layers

You can add jackets and pashminas to your ensemble though the straps beneath still need to conform to the rules. This is the perfect opportunity to avoid any nip in the air whilst enjoying the ample outdoor areas.
To see woman who nailed Royal Ascot fashion see Katherine Jenkins, Victoria Pendleton and Pixie Lott.

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(Main image from The Daily Mail. Bottom image, left to right from The Mirror and Handbag)