Winter Fashion Trends: Knitwear Alterations

Each year winter sees us working on knitwear alterations which pose unique challenges in our studio. Here's the beautiful designer knitwear from this year and the tailoring work that goes into these garments.

Winter Fashion Trends: Knitwear Alterations

Tailoring is the best way to adapt brand new pieces to your body shape, make the most of your wardrobe and rescue your favourite clothing for another season. Knitwear alterations and repairs, however, require their own approach.

Alterations and tailoring knitwear is often dictated by the fabric. Wool, cashmere and natural fiber knits often lend themselves to the process.

This includes 'fine knits' which have a smaller stitch and are machine-made. Likewise, medium and heavier yarns can be altered.

Patterns and bead embellishments, however, can pose obstacles to knitwear alterations. The easiest way to tailor knits is to bring them to the professionals. Here are the clothing alterations we've tackled this season.

Dior Knitwear Dress Repairs

This Dior dress has two layers that are fine knits. The top is a navy over-layer with lace-up details. Whereas, the under-layer is a candy pink knit.

We performed clothing repairs on the underarms of the under-layer. We had to fix the binding around the armhole to make it anew. This can be a challenge when it comes to knitwear dresses.

When the pink layer was originally created it would have been made using a knitting machine. This means that the knitwear is already cut to shape.
We, however, receive the fabric in a roll which we cut to shape and sew. In our professional hands that's exactly what happened.

Then the two layers were paired together once more, pressed and were then ready for delivery.

Dior Knitwear Alterations

This Dior dress has a thicker knitwear design. To shorten the hem on such a garment we can't cut the hem as it would alter its appearance.

If we were to alter the length of this Dior dress we would shorten it from the waist and shift the extra fabric into the existing waist seam. Once again this maintains the original finish.

Alexander McQueen Knitwear

We downsized this Alexander McQueen knit from a medium to a small. We shortened the hem, took in the side seams and shortened the sleeves.

This heavy knitwear sees different patterns and fringing so we took it in from the shoulder. Likewise, the hem was taken up from the waist to maintain the fringe.

St. John Knitwear Dress

We shortened the hem, fixed a pull on the armhole and lifted the shoulders of this St. John Knits dress. We then re-shaped the back of the neck and moved the zip accordingly.

Similarly, this involved working with the pattern of the garment. We’ve also been enjoying plenty of other St. John Knit winter florals warming up our studio.

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(Main image from Style On The Couch)