The History of Wedding Dresses Alterations


We share the history of wedding dresses to better understand the traditions behind one of our most popular alterations.

The History of Wedding Dresses Alterations

At London Fitting Rooms we work with a lot of white wedding dresses and currently our rails are filling up. We're looking back at the history of wedding dresses to see what started this tradition.

Wedding Dress History

In wedding history the matrimonial ceremony wasn't just about the union of two people. This was an opportunity for families, fortune and politics to be strengthened.

The size and extravagance of the wedding reflected the wealth and social status of the family. Likewise, the bridal dresses conveyed them in the best light and the bridesmaids dresses that mimicked them.

White Wedding Dresses

Contrary to popular opinion, the colour of purity was thought to be blue. This was reflected in Christianity by the portrayal of the Virgin Mary. It also created the "something blue" tradition.

The history of the wedding dress hasn't always been white. Bridal fashion has seen a variety of colours and fabrics. Choices and styles reflected the trend of the day.

White came in and out of fashion but it was in Great Britain and Queen Victoria that made the "white wedding" fashionable. Her marriage to Prince Albert in 1840 was and is truly iconic.

The tradition of wedding gowns being shaped by what was en vogue at the time, however, continued until the 1960s. Then more modest Victorian styles came into fashion.

Vintage wedding dresses and those inspired by the history of fashion have been popular ever since. These images show the evolution of wedding dresses from Queen Victoria to the swinging sixties.

(Images from: Racked, History Extra, Chic Vintage Brides, Bygone Fashion, Chic Vintage Brides, Angelo Vintage and Vintage Brides)

Wedding Dresses Alterations

Bridal season is a big part of our work at London Fitting Rooms and we get to see amazing fabrics and detailing on a daily basis. We aim to give each bride-to-be the perfect fit to look and feel her best. Here's the latest wedding dresses alterations from our studio.

Rime Arodaky Bridal Dress

This delicate Rime Arodaky bridal dress (left) is from The Mews Bridal. It's in our studio to be shortened before a bustle is added.

A bustle is a button and loop which allows the dress to be pulled up to give more movement. It's a very popular wedding dress alteration so brides can dance unencumbered.

Delphine Manivet Bridal Dress

The second wedding dress is by Delphine Manivet and also came to us from The Mews. We're admiring the details as the hem is being shortened and another bustle is added.

Berta Bridal Gown

This wonderful Berta Bridal gown is from The Wedding Club. The amazing lace along with the fitted and flared style is now ready to be worn.

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