Vintage Clothing Alterations and Tailoring


See the fashion details we use in vintage clothing alterations and tailoring to give garments a new lease of life.

Vintage Clothing Alterations and Tailoring

Vintage clothes are the ultimate way to wear authentic retro chic. It's also a great way to hit on modern fashion trends that borrow from the past.

Vintage clothing alterations and tailoring also allow beautiful garments to be upcycled for another season. See our small changes that make all the difference to getting the perfect fit.

Alexander McQueen Dress

This sequinned vintage Alexander McQueen dress is from their 1998 Joan collection. We received it from our client One of a Kind and replaced missing sequins.

It was delicate work as the dress is covered in sequins with a repetitive photographic print of the Romanov princesses. To replace them and keep the original drawing we take them from the inside seams.

Now this beautiful garment is restored to its former glory with our invisible work.

Alexander McQueen Gown

This is the second Alexander McQueen gown that we're repairing sequins on from One of a Kind. Another beautiful garment that deserves to make an impact all over again.

William Vintage


We turned a dress from William Vintage into this skirt that Dee Koppang O'Leary wore to the Glamour Women of the Year Awards. She then gave us a shoutout on Instagram.

She said, “And well done to @londonfittingrooms for turning my vintage dress into a skirt of dreams!” She's very welcome.

Chanel Jacket

This vintage Chanel blazer uses the iconic tweed that's synonymous with the fashion house. Not to mention the wonderful buttons spotted during jacket alterations.

Vera Wang Dress

We reapplied the florals on the delicate blush tulle of this vintage Vera Wang dress. The trick was respecting the wonderful harmony of this dress.

One of a Kind London


This beautiful pearl gown from One of a Kind London proves that there's a difference between timeless and all-out vintage glamour.

Chanel Trousers


We spotted another perfect vintage fashion detail on these Chanel trousers. It's point like this that make vintage clothing a pleasure to work with.

Givenchy Gown

We also had the pleasure to alter this vintage Givenchy gown with patch fabric. We took in and shortened the bodice. Now it's ready for its new owner.

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