Ethical Fashion Trends to Know Now


This year has seen growing awareness around ethical fashion. See who's creating and championing sustainable clothing on a global scale.

What is Ethical Fashion?

Ethical fashion refers to eco-friendly and fair trade clothing production. This means a fair wage for factory workers in a safe environment.

It also means that the factories cause less pollution and clothes are less disposable. In today's industry of "big fashion" these are some basic needs that are too often not being met.

Ethical Fashion and London Fitting Rooms

Ethical and sustainable fashion is something that's close to the heart of London Fitting Rooms and a key part of our ethos. We tailor garments to create the perfect fit and to ensure clothing can last longer.

The London Fitting Rooms team perform tailoring and alterations with fashion trends in mind to make your wardrobe sustainable season after season. Plus, our team's workroom is a bright and spacious studio, all the better to see the beautiful garments.

Now more and more people are raising awareness on these issues. Here's just some of the people spreading the good word.

Lucy Siegel

Journalist, Lucy Siegel, is known for tackling environmental issues and in 2011 released a book To Die For: Is Fashion Wearing Out the World? She takes a hard-hitting look at the fashion industry from cotton farmers to factories and beyond.

It's clear that she has found enjoyment in fashion throughout her life and now wishes to approach it in a more informed and conscientious way. She also argues the points for real fashion.

Rather than buying cheap mass produced products with a short life-span that forces you to buy more, there is an alternative. Lucy Siegel lays down some harsh truths and the opportunities for change.

Now available here, To Die For offers the shocking truth about how we're all part of this system and have the power to change it.

The Green Carpet Challenge

Eco-Age Creative Director, Livia Firth is also the Founder of the Green Carpet Challenge (GCC). They collaborate with high fashion luxury brands to create ethical clothing.

This union of the GCC and fashion houses put ethical clothing on the world stage. They break preconceptions that eco means drab and boring through beautiful garments.

Stella McCartney has already showcased an entire capsule collection with the GCC stamp of approval. Now, Erdem, who have created two pieces previously, is getting in on the action.

This September the British brand will show a 12-piece Green Carpet Collection at London Fashion Week. According to Vogue, the guidelines are, “Reused, surplus or sustainably certified materials.”

Livia Firth said, “The Erdem woman has values that marry so beautifully with the Green Carpet Collections - it's a perfect marriage of ethics and aesthetics.” We can't wait to see it.

The True Cost

This year also saw the likes of Stella McCartney and Livia Firth in The True Cost documentary about who pays the price for your fashion. It shows the human and environmental costs of current clothing production.

This doc travels the world from slums to brightly lit runways and interviews key influencers in the industry. It's a must-see for every consumer. 

You can watch it on Netflix, iTunes or online and see the trailer below.

Susie Bubble

Susanna Lau is the former editor of Dazed Digital. She's also a highly successful fashion blogger for her own website, Style Bubble.

Susie Bubble is known for introducing her readers to new fashion designers and taking a look inside ateliers. Now she has given an insight into eco clothing in London.

She visits the new wave of fashion students and designers in the capital and how they're making sustainable fashion. They then discuss their hopes for the future of the industry.

These are just some of the ways people can get informed and involved in the ethical fashion movement and if all else fails we recommend tailoring and alterations.

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(Main image from Susie Bubble)