What to Wear to a Wedding


London style consultants, Style Doctors share their top tips on what to wear to a wedding. Here's how to pick wedding guest outfits, dress for your shape and our latest dress alterations.

What to Wear to a Wedding

At London Fitting Rooms we work closely with stylists to perfect the best outfits for clients. Now wedding season is in full swing we're turning to the experts to get their top tips on what to wear to a wedding.

London style consultants, Style Doctors know all about helping clients to look and feel great. Here they share their top dos and don'ts on how to dress for a wedding.

1. What's the most common question you get asked about picking the best outfit to attend a wedding?

We get everyone from the bride herself, to the mother of the bride to all the bridesmaids coming to us not to mention guests. Shopping for that 'perfect' outfit can be stressful and time consuming and more often than not, people regret what they buy.

Step in Style Doctors... in as little as two hours we can find anyone the perfect occasion outfit. That doesn't just mean the dress, it's the accessories, hat, everything. The main thing people want is to look and feel special and of course to feel comfortable. Our aim is to always ensure that every box is ticked.

2. When it comes to choosing the hemline: does the type of wedding or your body type come first?

Before any personal styling session one of our stylists will ascertain your body shape. This is in order to dress, flatter and fit you. Then it's about understanding the venue, the location and the weather. This all plays a huge part in what style of outfit will be selected. In short, both are a big part.

3. What advice would you give to petite and tall women to rock their wedding outfit?

If you are petite, shop in petite sections and stores especially when it comes to dresses. A true petite often means that you may not fit the dimensions of the top half of a dress even if you think that it's a good length on you. Think about elongating the body.

A dress or outfit in one colour is a good option as this will give the illusion of height especially when teamed with nude heels.

Regardless of someone's height, body shape and even budget our main aim is to help all our clients feel 100% confident in what they're wearing. People often over-think occasion-wear and that's why people get it wrong.

Work on the basis of: body shape, budget, occasion. Stick to what you know generally suits you, work with this in mind. People often go too far removed from what actually suits them when it comes to occasion dressing and end up getting it wrong. We see this a lot with brides who feel like they should go for something 'different'.

Our top tip is to plan in advance (hire a stylist!) and leave yourself plenty of time. Shopping for an occasion outfit last minute is a big no-no. Leave time for accessories too. It's the finishing touches that make a big difference. Think about comfort and if your outfit will still feel OK after being in it for over ten hours (this applies to shoes more than the dress!).

4. What’s your advice in order to shine at the wedding without upstaging the bride?

Gone are the days where you can't wear white so anything goes. Nobody can upstage a bride as it's her day and we always think that a bride would rather have stylish guests that made an effort than the other way around. Confidence is key!

5. Is there any restrictions in English culture at all?

Just be mindful of the location. Church weddings would still require a slightly more formal outfit. Think about practicality too. If you know you have to walk from one location to the next, take some other shoes with you (if need be).

6. What layers are flattering for a winter wedding guest outfit?

Luxurious outerwear is key! Think faux fur stoles, tippets and boleros to add that luxe feel to any winter wedding outfit. We love beading, embroidery and sequins in winter too especially when teamed up with texture (like the faux fur).

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Wedding Guest Dresses Alterations

Once you have your wedding guest outfit then it's all about getting the perfect fit to feel your best on the day. This is the final touch to flattering your figure and feeling as comfortable as possible.

Here's some inspiration for wedding party dresses from the clothing alterations in our studio.

Roland Mouret Dress

We're lifting the shoulders on this Roland Mouret with the excess going into the shifted front strap. The zip will be shortened, reapplied and finished as original with the zip bound.

This light dress and pale pink are perfect for summer especially with the open back. Though, we can always add a modesty panel if need be.

Patricia Bonaldi Dress

We're working on the hem of this Patricia Bonaldi floral dress that is ideal for transitional months. The beautiful long sleeves are ideal for the unpredictable weather.

Oscar de la Renta Dress

Did someone say sequins? A sequinned wedding guest dress is the perfect way to sparkle in the winter months.

Our tailor Vania is shortening the layers of tulle on the hem of this exquisite Oscar de la Renta gown.

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