When to Get Your Wedding Dress Altered


Everything you need to know about when to get your wedding dress altered as the bridal season is about to begin. See our bridal gown alterations advice.

When to Get Your Wedding Dress Altered

Wedding dress alterations create the perfect fit for brides on their special day. They are fitted to body shape, taste and trends.

Bridal gown alterations also allow for the most comfort and ease of movement. Here's our step by step guide on when to get wedding dress altered.

When to Book the First Wedding Dress Fitting

Once a bride-to-be has finally found her perfect wedding dress then it's all about getting the perfect fit ASAP. The first wedding dress fitting, however, shouldn't be booked too early.

We recommend booking six weeks before the wedding date. This gives time for dress alterations and any revisions that may be needed. Then if you're short on time we also offer an express service and alterations can be completed within a few days.

The first fitting usually takes around an hour with the fitter. They listen to your needs and look at the overall fit. Solutions are then discussed and agreed upon once the pinning is done.

All dress fittings can be done in our studio and we offer services in-store for bridal retailers.

Wedding Dress Alterations

The initial fit of a wedding dress can be improved without changing the original design. This includes shortening, taking in the bodice and lifting the shoulders.

Likewise, a wedding gown can be completely re-styled. This can involve transforming a neckline.

Second Wedding Dress Fitting

The second wedding dress fitting is usually two weeks after the first meeting. It gives an idea of the final look whilst enabling further changes. It is known as a 'tack fitting'.

The length will be pinned so it's important to have the shoes for the day picked out by this point. Similarly, the chosen underwear is essential as it can affect the final fit.

There's usually about two weeks between wedding dress fittings. We, however, also offer an express service.

Final Wedding Dress Fitting

The final wedding dress fitting takes place about two weeks before the wedding. All the bridal gown alterations will be complete by this point.

This is a time to check that the dress has the best fit for your special day.

Contact us for more information and watch our video series on wedding dresses 2016 for more bridal inspiration.