Young In Hong, In Her Dreams and Us

Young In Hong is currently showing 'In Her Dreams' at London art exhibition series fig-2. Learn more about this event and the tailoring work we completed for this show. 

Young In Hong, In Her Dreams and Us

London art exhibition series, fig-2, is the reprisal of fig-1 held in the capital 15 years ago. It’s holding 50 exhibitions over 50 weeks.

We talked to art curator Fatos Ustek before its launch at the ICA Studio. Now we proudly sponsor their latest venture through costume alterations.

This week saw the launch of the ICA Theatre and the first of four commissions. From the 9th to the 15th February Young In Hong presents ‘In Her Dreams’. This performance piece feeds back into his installation in the ICA Studio.

The South Korean artist, based in London is known for work in embroidery. Now, the live staging brings together Baroque elements with drama tension and exuberance within the frame of Korean folklore and ethnicity.

Young in Hong’s detailed study of violence and isolation in the everyday lives of women has come to life. Here are just some of the images from the live staging.

(Photography by Sylvain Deleu)

Tailoring Work

These costumes have received the London Fitting Rooms treatment allowing for movement and physical expression. Here’s the tailoring work that went into these garments.

Black and Gold Dress

We created side panels from the excess fabric of the hem which allows for more movement. It also makes the garment less revealing.

To create a better fit we also added bust darts and lifted the shoulders. It was then transformed into this outfit.

Green Nude Dress

For this dress we again lifted the shoulders and shortened the hem. We also took in from the back and eased the front neckline to prevent gaping so now it looks like this.

Pink and Red Dress

We reduced the elastic from the neckline of this pink and red dress. This allowed for a better fit and again more movement.

Velvet Dress

We took in this black velvet dress from the front and the back to create a better fit. Then we created a matching belt with a pocket for the microphone pack. Here’s what the back looks like.

We loved seeing them in action and you can also get an insight into the live performance with this video.

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(Main image by Sylvain Deleu)